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Approved by Which? Trusted Trader as an ‘Official Ultra Installer’, we visit the Four Seasons Home Improvements showroom and catch up with company founders , Spencer and Pete.

Located just two minutes off the A38, the Four Seasons showroom is about as convenient as it gets for second home owners on their way to and from Cornwall. In fact, even if you don’t own a second property, but are looking to improve your family home by extending your living space and letting in some of Cornwall’s natural light, as Spencer puts it:

“There’s nowhere else locally where customers can come in and sit inside eight different designs of contemporary conservatories!”

Four Seasons originally started out as a conservatory business, but Spencer tells us: “The market has changed since we first launched the business. Now many more people with smaller homes are buying extensions, allowing themselves more living space and letting the natural light in, ultimately enabling them to enjoy a better lifestyle in the confines of their own home. Whatever your home’s size and location, there’s always something we can do.”

The indoor showroom, which really is one of a kind, features a myriad of extension sizes and styles, all fully set up, furnished and available for you to explore. What’s more, every Four Seasons extension utilises the most contemporary, low-maintenance materials, available in a rainbow of colours to suit your home and its surroundings.

Perhaps most impressive is that everything is available in one package. While you can, of course, opt for a supply-only service,
The Four Seasons team have been responsible for project managing and installing orangeries and conservatives in Cornwall and Devon for over 30 years. To start with they’ll meet you onsite, allowing them to build a real picture of your home. They will then create a series of CAD drawings to show you exactly how your home will look, inside and out, with your chosen style, meaning you can be absolutely certain that you’ve made the right choice before parting with your hard-earned cash.

So, whether you’re looking to capitalise on the growing Cornish summer season with your second home, or are simply looking to maximise your domestic lifestyle as the nights grow ever darker and colder; if you’re travelling to and from Cornwall over the festive period, whether visiting family or heading to one of Devon’s many Christmas markets, it couldn’t be easier to pop into Four Seasons and see for yourself just how much of a difference a contemporary extension could make to your home.


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Located just two minutes from the A38 next to Exeter services, why not combine your pit stop en route to Cornwall with a tour of the Four Seasons showroom?

“There’s nowhere else locally where customers can come in and sit inside eight different designs of contemporary conservatories!”