Cornwall LivingIssue #66

Treat your home

Rustic House, a fabulously Cornish emporium that’s brimming with homewares, furniture and accessories for all tastes and budgets.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the garden furniture industry, a couple of years ago, father and daughter team, Graham and Emily, decided to take a leap into the unknown and begin importing their own range of unique, hand-crafted, rustic indoor furniture. Having converted an old factory building into a new warehouse and showroom space, they opened the doors of Rustic House in July 2015 and since the business has gone from strength to strength.

“Our focus remains on handmade products with a rustic feel…”

From small beginnings, Rustic House has listened to its customers’ feedback and continued to adapt and expand its range, which now includes a broad spectrum of reclaimed wood furniture, as well as sofas, rustic wood lighting and unique home accessories.

Emily, who left her career as a coffee buyer only last year, moved back home to Cornwall to help her father grow the business. Her sister Amy also has her own home and garden furniture company, and is about to open a new showroom near Reading, which will feature many of the Rustic House products.

Recently, this family-run operation announced plans to partner with local artists and craftspeople, introducing a Cornish coastal influence to its range, including glassware, ceramics and other accessories. Graham and Emily will also continue to build relationships with suppliers overseas, who create exclusive furniture pieces just for Rustic House!

Emily insists: “Our focus remains on handmade products with a rustic feel, drawing on the trend for soft, neutral colour schemes with a combination of natural elements and contrasting textures, helping you to create a relaxed, timeless look. We’re constantly updating our display, ensuring there’s something new to see on every visit and helping you find something that’s truly one of a kind for your home. Why not visit our showroom and coffee shop and see for yourself?”

"Our focus remains on handmade products with a rustic feel..."