Cornwall LivingIssue #109

Truro School gives our children a voice

Truro School and Sing2G7 launches free G7-themed resources for Key Stages 1 to 3.

Sing2G7 is an international programme designed to put children’s voices at the heart of the 2021 G7 Summit, and thereby make the event relevant to their young lives. Running with this idea, Truro School, who have partnered with Sing2G7, recently revealed a comprehensive set of G7-themed educational resources, for primary and secondary school teachers.

The resources, which include lesson plans and fun activities for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, have been created by teachers, for teachers, in time for the UK’s hosting of the G7 Summit this June in Carbis Bay. Available to download free from the Sing2G7 website, the educational resources follow the recent release of the Sing2G7 song ‘Gee Seven’, created by Sir Tim Rice and Peter Hobbs, which invites young singers from across the globe to learn, sing and share their own renditions of the tune.

With more than 14,000 voices from over 22 countries having signed up to sing ‘Gee Seven’ – including over 150 schools in the UK – Sing2G7 co-founders, Christopher Gray and Esmé Page expect a similar take-up of Truro School’s educational resources. “Gee Seven is a great springboard to get young children interested in G7 and to find their voice,” says Esmé. “With this outstanding education pack, teachers can harness that initial enthusiasm and go much deeper into G7 2021 agenda areas, such as Climate Change, the Pandemic, and Poverty. This pre-Z generation is more than ready to have its say on those topics and the Edu-Pack opens up an empowering forum for them to do that. All the lessons are ready to go – and a teacher or parent needs to do is download and deliver!”

“I am really excited to think that schools in Britain, Europe and across the planet will have the perfect opportunity to connect as we encourage our children to consider issues such as leadership, sustainability, and what it really means to be global citizens,” says Sarah Patterson, Head of Truro School Prep. “Already thousands of voices worldwide have signed up to sing the Gee Seven song, and I am thrilled at the possibilities this project presents in uniting children and teachers across the world to make G7 relevant to other children, and for children everywhere to have a voice in the event.”

As well as exploring G7 2021’s ‘Build Back Better’ core agenda themes with Science and Humanities modules on Climate Change, Vaccines and Fair-trade – reflecting the pressing challenges faced by leaders this year – there is also a Science module on Ground Source Heat Pumps by Sing2G7 supporter and Cornish firm, Kensa. Why? The module makes understandable one of the key green technologies being championed by the UK government – a technology which will be widely implemented by the time this generation of primary school children reaches adulthood.

With 15 modules included, ranging from G7 Agenda areas to Core Curriculum Lessons, all resources are provided free of charge, but schools who are sufficiently resourced are encouraged to contribute to the Sing2G7 Crowdfuner campaign, in aid of UNICEF’s ‘Give the World a Shot’ campaign. To download the free resources and make the G7 Summit relevant in the classroom, simply visit