Cornwall LivingIssue #70

Turn up the heat

Look forward to balmy evenings relaxing al fresco with friends with a new Chesneys Heat barbeque heater, from Wendron Stoves.

We may have had some relentless rain recently, but this is increasingly becoming punctuated by the occasional bright sunny day – the first signs that spring is finally on the way. With this comes to the desire to get outside again and enjoy our gardens, courtyards and outside spaces. So we were naturally excited to hear about the new range of barbeque heaters from Chesneys HEAT, available now from Wendron Stoves.

Given the choice, I wouldn’t cook on an other barbeque” – James Martin

The real beauty of these innovative new stoves is that, in addition to being extremely efficient and versatile for cooking a range of meals – far beyond the scope of a traditional barbeque, they also double as patio heaters, emitting a radiant warmth. Not only does this extend the evening as the sun begins to go down; it also extends the barbeque season in general too, meaning more time can be spent enjoying the great Cornish outdoors. With one of these, you’ll find yourself getting the barbeque out a bit earlier every year!

Chesneys has long held a reputation for producing quality interior fireplaces and stoves – the company is now harnessing this expertise for outdoor living. Utilising clever technology, the Chesneys HEAT range is a more environmentally friendly option for outdoor cooking, emitting a clean, smokeless heat, making the environment much more inviting than with a conventional barbeque or fire pit. What’s more, the clever control enables you to do everything from grilling and chargrilling to roasting, baking, smoking and even pizza baking!

Each of the barbeques in the range makes a great focal point too – stylish design pieces, with a large glass window to display the flames. But we’re not the only ones to be impressed – they also caught the eye of celebrity chef and Saturday Kitchen favourite, James Martin.

“Chesneys’ new barbeque heater is brilliant,” says James. “It’s the most versatile cooking appliance I’ve ever used and afterwards it’s the perfect way to stay warm and create an atmosphere that makes the party last all night. It changes the whole experience of outdoor living.”

James continues: “It provides a unique degree of temperature control, ease of use and variety of cooking modes that provides almost limitless opportunities for cooking different recipes. It’s very fast to light and emits very little smoke. Given the choice, I wouldn’t cook on an other barbeque.”

To see these barbeques for yourself, along with a whole host of other fireplace and stove products in a range of styles, why not pop into the Wendron Stoves flagship showroom in Helston? If you happen to be in the city, you can also visit the brand new Wendron Stoves, which recently opened in Truro. Whatever your needs, from a new range cooker for the kitchen to a wood-burning stove, speak to the team to see what they can do for you.

"Given the choice, I wouldn’t cook on an other barbeque" - James Martin