Cornwall LivingIssue #107

Ultimate home luxury

As we all look forward to the spring and summer ahead, why not indulge yourselves with the addition of a luxury spa or hot tub to your garden?

This year is all about making the most of being at home, treating ourselves to a little bit of luxury and enjoying being with family. And what better way to improve any outdoor area than with the addition of a hot tub that will bring you years of pleasure. No matter how large or small your area or how many people you need to cater for, there is a hot tub for you.

“We take a very consultative approach with our customers,” says Spyrys owner Sharon. “We like to understand who the hot tub is for, how they want to use it and what they want out of it, this helps us provide the right advice and help them choose the perfect hot tub”.

“From our experience,” Sharon continues, “customers appear to have three distinct reasons to buy a hot tub: firstly, to put a spring in your step with the revitalising power of hydrotherapy. Hot tubs are becoming increasingly recognised for their health and wellness benefits, which can help all of us enjoy a better life. Secondly, it seems there is nothing more relaxing than a gentle soak in warm water, with subtle mood lighting and the rhythmic sound of tumbling water. And finally, what better way is there to enjoy being with family and friends than taking time-out in a hot tub away from everyday distractions.”   

“We wanted our range to include affordable entry level plug and play hot tubs right through to powerful hydrotherapy spas,” explains Managing Director, Brian, “and this year we expanded that range by introducing our own brand of hot tubs, inspired by Cornwall and designed to cater for a wide range of lifestyle needs and budgets.”

To receive a free brochure and to find out more about the Spyrys Spas and Hot Tubs offering, including Sharon and Brian’s fabulous new range, be sure to give them a call or visit the website. Better still, why not pop into the showroom and see them for yourself?


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