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Discover how to make the most of your home with CSA Architects.

An architect can be commissioned to add value at any stage of your project. Re-modelling or building your home is an important project, and unless the project is very simple it makes sense to consult with an architect before you get going. We hear from Director Susan Kinver who tells us: “At CSA Architects we offer our clients a fixed fee, bespoke feasibility study to help establish the project’s brief and budget. This process will help you focus on what you want to achieve and allows you to discuss costs upfront to avoid disappointment at a later stage, which can make an enormous difference further down the line.”

“explore your ideas with an experienced architect”

After first contacting the CSA studio, an initial chat with one of the three directors, Dan, Louisa or Susan gets the ball rolling and allows you to explore your ideas with an experienced architect. Following this conversation to develop an understanding of your projects potential, the team will then undertake some preliminary appraisals with each study tailored to the specific requirements that the project and client demands.

“The Feasibility Study that we then produce refines the brief and gives you a good idea of how we would help you realise the project, illustrating options with plans or sketches,” Susan explains. With these initial design proposals as a reference point, the team will then be able to estimate what costs you could encounter during the project and anticipate the necessary construction budget.

The featured images illustrate the variety of proposals that can be explored. Whether you wish to add an extension but are unsure how this could work within the site, you have an existing building that could be converted, or even if you are contemplating a complete new build – CSA can explore the opportunities and set out the process in a clear and concise manner from the outset. Not to mention that all of this information will be summarised into a document for you to use as a basis to carry on with your project, with more awareness and confidence of what it will ultimately entail.

If you would like to find out more and set up your free initial chat, then make sure to contact CSA Architects and discover how to progress your project.

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"explore your ideas with an experienced architect"