Cornwall LivingIssue #62

A warm feeling inside

If you’ve a burning desire to improve the way you heat your home, Eden Hearth and Home has the solution for you.

Here in Cornwall, where many properties are ‘off the grid’, choosing a heating system for your home can be a difficult decision, with many factors to consider. I speak with the team at Eden Hearth and Home, who make it immediately clear that, when it comes to heating your home, electricity is the fuel of the future.

“… there isn’t a question about electric heating that they can’t answer…”

Walking around the showroom in Goonhavern, there’s a huge range of electric heating solutions to choose from – so many, I don’t know where to start – from those ideal for a conservatory, right the way through to smart systems that, once connected to your WiFi, allow you to control your heating remotely. This means that if you’re at work and the temperature’s set to drop, you can be sure that the house is nice and cosy before you even cross the threshold!

This sounds great, so I ask the team what the real benefits of electric heating are. They explain that, firstly, it’s quick and easy to install, with minimal disruption and no unsightly pipe work. Secondly, they tell me, many people automatically think of inefficient storage or convection heaters, which they assure me, the range available at Eden is streets ahead of. Sounds good to me!

Company owners Tracy and Tony tell me how they’ve seen a huge rise in demand for electric heating systems, to replace out-dated and inefficient storage heaters, over the last two decades. Indeed, there isn’t a question about electric heating that they can’t answer, a statement that also goes for their team of installers.

Made up of industry professionals who know their trade inside out, the Eden team begin by carrying out a full survey of your property, identifying which solution is best suited to your unique requirements.

Once that’s out the way and you’ve settled on which new system to go for, they can even offer a full fitting service, meaning that every step of the process is neatly and efficiently taken care of for you. The best part is it’s all fully backed by their warranty and product guarantee! It’s clear then that Eden Hearth and Home is a one-stop shop for all your modern heating needs; but it’s so much more than that. Perhaps, for example, you fancy something a little more traditional. If so, the team specialises in bespoke natural stone and marble fire surrounds, cutting and crafting them to your exact specification.

They’ll also carry out any building work required, from plastering and electrics, to gas fitting and chimney sweeping, going the extra mile to ensure that both you and your home are left feeling warm inside. So, get yourself to Goonhavern and take a look – you never know, it may spark your next home project!

"... there isn’t a question about electric heating that they can’t answer..."