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Warm your winter

If not already, the heating season is just around the corner!

Cornwall Living recently sat down with local renewable heating experts, GreenGenUK to discuss their renewable heating solutions. Located in Helston, GreenGen specialise in the installation of renewables. We asked GreenGen their thoughts on Cornwall’s heating dilemma.

Renewable heating offers numerous benefits to homeowners in Cornwall”

“We have seen a real shift towards air source heating and interest is booming as more homeowners grow frustrated with their oil or gas bills. On average, we’re installing three to five air source heat pumps per week, moving people away from oil and towards more friendlier fuels,” explained Neil Rollinson, Surveyor for GreenGen. He details the shift he has seen since working in the industry. “Homeowners are becoming more aware of their increasing heating bills. Also, who hasn’t seen everything on the news about climate change and carbon footprint? Renewable heating offers numerous benefits to homeowners in Cornwall.”

  Homeowners living off of the gas grid pay more for troublesome fuels. Air source heating provides lower bills and a lucrative incentive. Neil told us: “Air source heating can be 30% cheaper to run than oil or LPG, with the added benefit of zero deliveries and never running out of fuel! Subsidy on renewable heating is now better than ever. On average, the RHI (Renewable Heating Incentive) pays between £8,000-£10,000
over seven years to anyone installing air source heating.”

  With the environmental and financial benefits of renewable heating very clear, it’s no wonder air source heat pumps are growing in popularity. Are you considering air source as a means of heating your home? Then speak to the experts at GreenGenUK and utilise their friendly and informative approach to answer all of your questions. Offering free surveys and proposals, GreenGenUK are a first stop for anyone considering air source.



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"Renewable heating offers numerous benefits to homeowners in Cornwall"