Cornwall LivingIssue #63

Welcome to the modern age

Bring your specialist oven into the 21st century with an electric conversion, from Cornish Cooker Conversions.

I’ve stepped across the threshold of many different Cornish homes. Some have been new, some old and some that deftly infuse the old and traditional with the contemporary and modern.

“… the team can convert it to run on electricity, keeping costs down, thus making it far more efficient.”

Something that always struck me as typically ‘traditional’ was where a house had a range cooker – responsible not just for cooking, but for heating the home, too. This ‘all-in-one’ ability, I’ve always thought, gives a space a feeling of comfort and ease. There’s a warm sense of tradition exuded by a range cooker that can help round the most modern home off with that desirable country-home feel – something that many aspire to and, in some cases, move to Cornwall to achieve.

The most common misconception with range cookers, however, is that they’re of the ‘old school’ and are comparatively inefficient next to more modern heating solutions. This is where Cornish Cooker Conversions comes in. If you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation or you simply want to make the most out of your range cooker, the team can convert it to run on electricity, keeping costs down, thus making it far more efficient.

Converting to electric means you can independently control the top oven and both hobs to suit your cooking needs, while improving heat-up times, meaning you’re not left waiting around – especially useful if you have guests! Using the energy as and when you need it will help you save money by reducing running time, meaning that the volatile prices of oil and gas are two less things to worry about!

So how does it work? The ElectricKit converts the heat source to electric, doing away with the cast mass of the combustion chamber and flue ways, giving you the freedom to use the energy where it’s needed, hence the improved heat up times. The hobs work independently from each other, as does the oven from the hobs, so there’s no need to use everything at once.

An electric conversion gives you the chance to cook with precision by adding a temperature control feature. You can even control your range cooker from your phone using an app to turn it on and off – modern standards indeed!

Cornish Cooker Conversions is an independent company, with a team that are experts when it comes to making the most of your specialist oven. So, if you find your range cooker is ramping up excessive running costs, perhaps it’s time you considered an ElectricKit conversion.

"... the team can convert it to run on electricity, keeping costs down, thus making it far more efficient."