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What dreams are made of

Do away with sleepless nights by finding the perfect bed for you, with help from the experts at Christie’s.

good night’s sleep is paramount when it comes to well being. Unfortunately, the vast majority of recent national studies conducted have concluded that us Brits just don’t get enough of it! The importance of a new bed should not be underestimated. It can help you achieve significantly increased and better quality sleep as well as contribute to various other major health benefits, so it’s fair to say that choosing the right bed is key.

Catching up with Peter Blell, owner of Christie’s Furniture and The Christie’s Bed Shop in Penryn, we ask him for his top tips when it comes to shopping for that super comfortable new bed.

The importance of a new bed should not be underestimated”

The bigger the better

“Make sure you think about the size of your room and what size bed will fit,” Peter suggests. “Bigger is better! Studies indicate that the average person wiggles 60 to 70 times per night, so the bigger the bed, the less likely you’ll be disturbed by your partner.”

Optimise your storage

“Having up to four side drawers or a front or side opening ottoman takes up no more space, whilst providing excellent storage!” First entering the English market during the late 18th century from the Ottoman Empire, nowadays, ottoman beds offer practical space without having to sacrifice on style. Christie’s have a fantastic range to suit any budget and style, including both leather and upholstered beds!

Sharing is caring

If you’re sharing your new bed then Peter suggests trying it out together. “You both need a supportive and comfortable bed to aid with improved sleep. If you both have different comfort preferences, perhaps consider a dual tension bed where one half is softer or firmer than the other. This way, you both get the firmness that you need.”

Comfort is key

It may seem obvious, but choosing the right bed to provide comfort and support is essential to consistent quality sleep. But, as Peter puts it: “Everybody is different. This is why we have over 100 different beds on display, including the best award-winning models. We can also provide expert advice to ensure you get the support and comfort that’s right for you.”

How does it look?

Be sure that your new bed looks as good as it feels. “Couple up your mattress with either a divan bed base – available in hundreds of different fabrics, with or without a matching headboard – or a bed frame, also available in different fabrics, materials and styles. Your bed, your bedroom, your style!”

Stick to your budget

Finally, Peter stresses the importance of staying within budget. “Our beds start from £49 and go all the way up to £5,999! Spend as much as you can afford for improved comfort and support, but stick to your budget.”

For more expert advice on choosing the right bed for you and to see the comprehensive display of furniture on offer, why not pencil in a visit to Christie’s Furniture and The Christie’s Bed Shop?


Spread the cost

Subject to status, Christie’s also offer 0% APR interest free credit, allowing you to rest easy over the cost of your perfect bed.


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"The importance of a new bed should not be underestimated"