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What’s your style?

Introducing the Pallman Freestyle Collection – the latest addition to the Cornwall Floor Care armoury.

With a passion for making your floor look amazing, Mike Dennick and the team at Cornwall Floor Care pride themselves on using the best lacquers and machines on the market for wood floors and worktops. “We’ve worked on floors for Duchy of Cornwall, Ainsworth restaurants, townhouses, churches, village halls, sports halls, private houses and luxury holiday homes,” explains Mike, detailing the wealth of experience that he and the team bring to each project. They also undergo training at least once a year in order to uphold the best possible standards, and are always on the lookout for new, stand-out products and services to pass onto their clients. The Pallman Freestyle Collection is a great example.

With the Pallman Freestyle Collection, everything is different, and almost everything is possible. Whether the look you’re after is crazy, subtle, complementary or attention grabbing, it’s the perfect product for those looking to give their tired wooden floors a new lease of life, with true depth of character. Combined with the genuine feel and sustainability of wood flooring, the result is truly amazing.

Creating the perfect space in which to bring your dreams, visions and projects to life – be that an office, recording studio, or workshop – Pallman’s Freestyle Collection draws on a set of 12 tried and tested colours, with an almost infinite number of possibilities. That said, the Freestyle Collection is best placed in the hands of wood-floor professionals who understand their craft, which is where Cornwall Floor Care come in.

Whether you’re upgrading your work space to promote productivity, re-vamping a restaurant or retail space to make customers feel at home, or wish to inject some life into your living space, Mike and the team can use the incredible Freestyle Collection to bring your vision to life. If it is a business, you can even have your logo ‘coloured’ into your wooden floor, reinforcing your brand identity to everybody who crosses
the threshold.

The benefits of wood flooring tick every box, from aesthetics to practicality, and the Pallman Freestyle Collection seeks to further enhance these incredible qualities, so if you’re upgrading your space, be it residential, creative or commercial, and you want to achieve the best possible look from your existing wood floors, then be sure to contact Cornwall Floor Care.


Did you know?

Cornwall Floor Care utilise completely dust-free techniques in order to restore your wooden floors, which, if youíve ever tried sanding your own, you’ll know is a huge plus!


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