Cornwall LivingIssue #107

Why make the switch?

We catch up with Mr and Mrs R, who tell us about their recent switch from fossil fuels to a renewable heating alternative with the help of GreenGenUK.

Since opening in 2011, Cornwall’s GreenGenUK has been at the forefront of helping homes lower both their carbon footprint and their energy bills. The team specialises in the complete design and bespoke installation of a range of renewable solutions, such as air source and ground source heat pumps, solar PV and battery storage, solar thermal and more. Based in Helston, with nearly a decade’s experience in the renewable industry, if you’re considering renewables here in Cornwall, we find out from Mr and Mrs R why they chose GreenGenUK to help them make the switch from non-renewable heating to a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Mr and Mrs R have now been living with their air-source heat pump for more than 18 months. When we ask why they decided to switch, we learn that the first reason is that they wanted to go for a greener heating solution. Never has the impact of our homes and the energy they consume been clearer to us, and so it makes sense to switch to renewable solutions in order to do our bit in the fight against climate change. Another reason is that with a renewable solution, as Mr R says: “There’s no more need for oil deliveries, and the Renewabale Heat Incentive payments mean the new system pays for itself!”

As we delve a little deeper and ask ‘how warm would you say your home has been since switching to air source heating’, the honest answer is that their home is “plenty warm enough,” according to Mrs R, but that “it can take a little longer to warm up.” That said, she also comments on GreenGen’s “great service, especially after a visit when we experienced a slight problem”.

Next, we ask what advice they might give to anybody considering switching to air source heating. “It’s a great solution,” says Mr R, especially “if your home needs an upgrade or you’re considering going green.” And when it comes to enlisting GreenGenUK to help you do so, Mr and Mrs R’s answer is quite simple: “We would definitely recommend GreenGenUK – great product and great service.”

There you have it – you needn’t just take our word for it! If you’re in the market for a green alternative to the way you heat your home, and want to enlist the help of a local team of experts to help you do so, then GreenGenUK really do come highly recommended.



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