Cornwall LivingIssue #98

Wild Cornwall

Immerse yourself in the wilds of Cornwall with the photography of Richard Birchett.

After a 22-year career in the military serving as a Survival Specialist, Richard Birchett now spends his time in Britain’s wildest places, utilising his pathfinding skills to stalk even the remotest species of wildlife.

It’s always a fascinating experience – visiting Richard’s website, or following him on social media – as he seems to constantly be out and about in the wilderness, be it in the Scottish Cairngorms, or among the thickets of Cornwall’s coast and countryside.

As a photographer, we ask Richard what’s most important to him, and he explains that the welfare of the subject is paramount: “To disturb it from its natural behaviour, in order to get the picture, goes against everything I believe in. I would much rather enjoy the experience than get the shot, although if practical and morally safe to do so, a picture is a massive bonus!”

While Cornwall is home to countless photo-opportunities, everybody has their favourites, and Richard is no different. Without hesitation, he tells us: “The Goonhilly Downs. The sheer diversity of nature over the 300 hectares is amazing; one day it can be deathly quiet, but the next it can be full of life and sometimes put on a spectacular show of birds of prey.”

In time, Richard hopes to become a professional in his field, and with a growing list of accolades, nominations and appearances, it would seem that he’s well on his way! In early 2019 he appeared as a presenter on BBC’s WinterWatch, which he followed up with a place in the 2019 British Photography Awards shortlist. He also secured a ‘Highly Commended’ certificate for his badger portrait (pictured) – awarded by the Societies of International Wildlife & Nature Photographers!

Perhaps what we love most about Richard’s photography, however, is the light he shines on Cornwall’s bio-diversity; that, and his ability to engage his audience with it. Even just a quick scan of his work is enough to inspire anyone to discover for themselves the wilds of Cornwall, and the enigmatic creatures that live therein.


Richard Birchett Photography