Cornwall LivingIssue #130

Wild wellbeing

Are you prepared to take the plunge into the world of wild swimming for 2023?

The number one thing on many peoples New Year’s resolution list will be to look after their health and wellbeing in the coming year. This year, why not join the growing number of people who are doing just that by heading into Cornwall’s world class waters through wild swimming?

Wild swimming has taken off recently and for good reason, with a whole world of benefits for both mental and physical health linked to the activity. Escape Swims is a Cornish company who can offer support for every level of swimmer, helping nervous non-swimmers begin their wild swimming journey as well as experienced sea swimmers to get even more from their swimming.

Jem Wallis, owner of Escape Swims explains: “Every swimmer can always use a little help. We introduce new and non-swimmers to the safe way to get into cold-water swimming, ensuring that they understand the impact of the cold on the body and how to manage that stress with controlled breathing patterns. In understanding their own body’s reactions and how to respond to this, they gain huge benefits to their wellbeing and enjoy their swims, leaving the sessions wanting more.”

Escape swims also offer specialist coaching for those looking to push their swimming a little more. Jem is a former Olympic swimming trialist and a coach with over two decades of experience, so can stretch even the most confident of swimmers. He adds, “Our Front Crawl Workshops develop your stroke in a short space of time, allowing you to transition into longer swims. When you’re ready, come and join us for an adventure swim or join one of our swimming retreats where we’ll be swimming in some iconic Cornish waters.”

Wherever you are on your swimming journey, Escape Swims can offer you tailored support to ensure that you can get the most out of the water. With individual and group workshops available, the benefits gained can support anything from your health and wellbeing, group support for specific health needs through to employee wellbeing programmes designed to improve work life balance and build resilience. Make sure to get in touch for more information.