Cornwall LivingAutumn 2021

Winter spreads

The Cornish Kitchen is pulling together some festive treats for us to enjoy as the crisp winter months approach.

With the cosiest season just around the corner, cool crisp days under a winter sun are on their way, and what could be a better way to spend them than on your favourite walk with your favourite people, fuelled by the most delicious feast.

Over at The Cornish Kitchen, the team have been perfecting something special to add a little festive indulgence to any autumnal adventure. Renowned for their range of pastries, sandwiches and sweet treats, the company’s mission is to bring us the best of Cornish food and drink, and provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere for us to enjoy their locally sourced products. Located at 2 Bank Place in Falmouth, The Cornish Kitchen’s doors are open for hungry visitors in search of good-quality Cornish food. 

Recently, the team have developed some thoughtfully curated picnics, delightfully designed to inject a little luxury and indulgence into any day out or to welcome any guest warmly into a home. With a little something for everyone, the team have catered for vegans, meat lovers and everyone in between with a delightful range of local cheeses, olives, Popti crackers, Cornish pâté and more, and for those with a doggy companion there is the tasty addition of gourmet dog biscuits, so no one has to feel left out of the fun. 

With Christmas visible on the horizon, these delicious foodie collections would make the perfect present for any lover of Cornish delicacies, and their divine Christmas hamper will be a sight to behold as the season draws nearer. All of these tempting treats can be found in store in the centre of the thriving town of Falmouth, or you can see exactly what the team have been up to on their Instagram account, so make sure to get in touch to find out what’s on offer this festive season.



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