Dogs Love Cornwall Living2018/19 Autumn/Winter

Witches, walks and waggly tails

Witches don’t just love cats; they love dogs too, so you and your canine friends will find a warm welcome at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle.

The museum (an annual TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winner since 2012) is situated next to the historic and beautiful Boscastle harbour – a haven for walkers with dog-friendly restaurants, pubs and cafés, as well as the oldest and largest collection of objects of witchcraft and magic in the world! During the warmer months, guided walks take place every Wednesday around Boscastle with folklorist and author, Steve Patterson. They start at the museum and explore the folklore of the area, making them a truly unique way of discovering this beautiful part of north Cornwall.

a truly unique way of discovering this beautiful part of north Cornwall…”

As you enter the museum, you are transported to a realm that seems more dream than reality, with women transforming into hares, Green Men, Cornish piskies, mandrakes, crystal balls and dark mirrors; there’s something ancient about the museum, but also something discernibly modern, with its emphasis on the power of nature and its celebration of strong women.

It’s a place to find out about real-life West Country witches and the magic they made to help their clients find love, predict the weather, cure sicknesses (in humans and animals alike) and enact justice – and sometimes vengeance – on those they felt had done them wrong. These much-misunderstood and maligned practices have been shrouded in secrecy for centuries, but the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic’s founder went out and met with some real ‘wise women’, speaking with them and learning their ways. His collection and the unusual stories of the people he met form the basis of most of the collection, which stands at over 3,000 objects!

With walks, witchcraft and wonderful scenery, a visit to Boscastle with your canine companion is a must!



For 2018, the main exhibition is ‘Dew of Heaven: Objects of Ritual Magic’, which explores magic of the ancient world, especially that of ancient Egypt, as well as the language of God written down by Queen Elizabeth 1st’s ‘Merlin’ Dr John Dee; secret societies, and the magic of the ‘wickedest man in the world’ – Aleister Crowley.

"a truly unique way of discovering this beautiful part of north Cornwall..."