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Worried about wood burners?

We find out why wood burners are not as bad for the environment as people may think.

Recent announcements in regulation changes for wood burners have caused concern for a lot of people who want to invest in a new wood burner, or indeed keep their current one running. The press tend to miss-lead people into thinking wood burners are bad for the environment and will be banned in 2022 but Wendron Stoves assure us that this information isn’t correct.

modern, low emission wood burning stoves are here to stay”

Woodburners are in fact a good source of energy, especially the new Ecodesign stove, which is beneficial to everyone. The only change is that retailers are prevented from selling stoves which do not meet the new regulations. Wendron Stoves are pleased to announce that they’ve recently joined the SIA Retail Group, allowing customers to gain access to the latest research and information that modern, low emission wood-burning stoves are here to stay. This includes having updates from Wendron Stoves concerning SIA announcements, and being able to contact the SIA Technical Committee for support and information. We hear from Erica Malkin, Secretary General of the SIA who tells us: “We are delighted to have Wendron Stoves on board as a member of the SIA Retail Group.

The company joins a growing number of specialist, independent retailers that have enrolled. The SIA Retail Group has been set up to positively promote the wood-burning stove and fireplace industry to the public, and to give independent retailers the information to assure their customers that modern, low emission wood burning stoves are here to stay.” This is why the SIA Retail Group has been launched as they are able to provide customers with the correct information and advice and this is why Wendron Stoves has joined them, because its important for everyone to know the facts.

The question of wood and fuel is another important aspect to consider when it comes to the environment and the efficiency of your stove. The team at Wendron Stoves believe that the secret to a good fire is high-quality wood, which is why they supply kiln-dried logs that have a moisture content of 20%
or lower.
If the moisture content is too high, your fire will burn poorly and if you use treated wood, this will produce harmful fumes and cause damage to your chimney. The kiln-dried logs are available as single bags or you can bulk buy and get them delivered direct to your door – trust us it’s definitely worth choosing high-quality kiln dried wood.

The Wendron Stoves showrooms located in Helston and Truro allow you to browse their collection of stoves in both contemporary and traditional styles. And you can also take the opportunity to chat to the experienced team: “We have worked in the stove industry for over 35 years, and we like to think we have an intimate knowledge of our industry. So when you come to us for help, you can be assured that we will give you the highest quality advice together with superb customer service,” explains Marketing Manager
Hollie Edgcombe.

The cosiness of a wood burner is hard to beat; humans have always had a relationship with fire and Wendron Stoves is happy to be able to provide stoves that allow you to continue to enjoy the beauty of fire, whilst remaining conscious of the new environmental regulations. Plus their membership with the SIA Retail Group allows them to stay up to date with any developments and remain confident in the viability of wood burners. So, don’t let the bad press change your mind on investing in a wood burner, because there’s always a solution to the problem.



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"modern, low emission wood burning stoves are here to stay"