Cornwall LivingIssue #103

Written in stone

Duke Stone of Cornwall brings a wealth of experience to your home improvement project, bringing the timeless style of stone to any kind of home.

Having spent so much time this year unable to leave our houses, here in the UK, home improvement has never been closer to the front of our minds. Whether you spent lockdown inside or out, chances are that at some point, you began to notice aspects of your living space that could really do with improving. It could be an old, tired kitchen, outdated tiles in the bathroom, or perhaps the lack of a decent barbeque area. Alternatively, it could be that you own a holiday property in Cornwall and want to keep guests returning time and time again. Whatever’s on your list of improvements, and whatever the reason why, after a 2020 many of us would rather forget, why not give yourself a 2021 to look forward to by starting them now?

Whether you’re looking to make changes inside or out in your garden, Duke Stone has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of both natural and engineered stone, meaning that with their help, you can easily incorporate into your property the timeless elegance and stunning style of such beautiful materials. Let’s start at the heart of the home – the kitchen. Natural stone promises to enhance any scheme, from traditional to modern, creating a truly unique space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Durable and hard-wearing, a hand-crafted stone worktop will last a lifetime, which incidentally also makes it a fantastic, low-maintenance option for anybody hoping to give their holiday let a makeover.

In fact, natural stone can be used to great effect throughout the home, its versatility only limited by your imagination. Marble and limestone, for instance, are great for use in the bathroom as wall panels, flooring, vanities and basins, creating a luxurious space in which you – or your holiday guests – can escape and recharge. You can also use granite and slate – both hard-wearing – to help breathe new life into your existing fireplace or wood burner. To put it simply, anywhere that needs a beautiful, hard-wearing surface, can be turned into a real character feature using the right natural materials. 

Heading outside and into the garden, sandstone and slate are both beautiful materials that can be used for paving and cladding. Reclaimed stone can be used to add ornamental charm to your garden space – perhaps an original sign for your house – or why not work with Duke Stone to build a bespoke outdoor barbeque? 

Whichever space it is that you’re hoping to renovate, be it your kitchen, bathroom, garden, or indeed your entire home, it makes sense to use materials that are both timeless and hardy enough to last a lifetime. By choosing the right materials – and working with the experts at Duke Stone to design and manufacture solutions precisely tailored to your home and lifestyle – not only could you potentially add value to your home, your space will also become one that’s cherished by you, or your holiday guests, for many years to come.

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