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Welcome to the coast

Take a moment to celebrate the reason we’re all here: the stunning Cornish coastline.

We’re forever championing the amazing happenings across Cornwall, and there’s typically one thing uniting them all: the coast. Whether serving as a backdrop for a delicious meal, or the source of the delicious meal itself; a place to inspire, whether watching the waves or riding them – the coast, in some way or other, is pretty much the reason we’re all here.

In fact, the story of Cornwall really is the story of the coast. After all, Cornwall boasts the longest coastline in Great Britain, stretching 433 miles. You’re never more than 20 miles from the sea, while in some places you can see it whether looking north or south!

The other amazing thing is the extreme diversity of the landscape: granite cliffs, rocky coves and headlands, sandy beaches and dunes, mudflats, maerl, eelgrass and kelp beds, and serene river estuaries and inlets; it’s a beautiful place to lose yourself in.

This October, adventurer Monty Halls is helping to raise money on the South West Coast Path Challenge, encouraging people to walk the path and help safeguard its future. It costs a staggering £1000 at least per mile to maintain. “Some of my happiest memories have been out running or walking the South West Coast Path,” says Monty. “It’s my salvation… It’s one of the most magical trails in Europe, certainly in terms of its wildlife and terrain.”

So in honour of this fantastic coastline, we celebrate its magnetic draw upon the artists and artisans of Cornwall, meeting some inspiring individuals whose livelihoods are fundamentally bedded to the coast, each in their own way.


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