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Friendly heating

You can’t put a price on being warm. Why not increase your living comfort by switching your home to air source heating?

Are you looking to install new, more comfortable heating in your home? Maybe you’ve just moved home and you’re looking to invest in a friendlier heating system. Air source heating could be the ideal solution for homeowners looking for a comfier living environment, lower monthly bills and a lower carbon footprint.

Air source heat pumps are renewable alternatives to gas and oil heating systems, generating heating and hot water from heat within the air and replacing demand from harmful fossil fuels. Working alongside most central heating setups, air source heating provides friendlier heat distribution and results in a comfier home to live in.

Whereas oil and gas boilers provide heat in short bursts, a heat pump provides steady heat more continuously over longer periods. This helps to prevent damp building up and maintains a kinder living environment. In effect, the temperature or the property should remain the same, despite drops in external temperature.

The efficiency of heat pumps combined with how they supply heat over longer periods makes them far more cost-effective to run than their non-renewable counterparts – meaning less money leaving your account each month. A heat pump can produce as much as four times the energy it consumes. As such, installing an air source heat pump can reduce monthly heating bills by as much as 50%.

In addition to lower bills, customers installing air source heating can claim subsidy through Ofgem’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. The RHI pays homeowners quarterly to encourage the switch to renewable heating and lower their carbon emissions. Payments are deemed based on the demand of the property but can be as high as £1450 a year. Incentive payments and energy savings make air source heat pumps much more lucrative than money in the bank.

For expert advice on renewable heating and how air source heating can benefit your home, contact GreenGenUK. The friendly team based in Helston have over seven years of experience designing and installing heat pump systems and are happy to provide all the information needed to make an informed decision.


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