Cornwall Living 2018

Home work

Transform a space in your home into a home office, craft room or studio, with a little help from the Rozen workshop.

With the rise of the internet and the introduction superfast broadband to Cornwall, it has never been easier to work from home. Equally, perhaps you enjoy hobbies and craft work. If so, a dedicated area in your home may be high on your wish list.

Rozen, an independent maker of luxurious tailor-made furniture on the Lizard peninsula, has over 25 years’ experience in creating bespoke furniture and interiors. The highly skilled team are experts at turning those under utilised areas of your home into the practical and efficient space you need.

First things first, write down a list of requirements for your tailor-made work space. Think about what the space is for and how you need it to work for you – this might encompass a whole range of considerations. Must it be quiet, well lit, or have a natural light source? Think about access to Wi-fi, exactly where you need plug sockets to be. Do you require a large desktop, or easily accessible storage and shelving? Comfortable seating is always a must! Listing these factors will lead to a better end result.

If other members of the family will be sharing this workspace, ask them what they need too. It’s time to make your home work for you. Once you present your ideas to the Rozen team, they will work out the solutions, whether this entails bespoke desks and cabinets, a dedicated area or discreet multipurpose design. They will create designs and visuals showing you how your work area or studio will look, then build it for you. With the help of Rozen you can create a work space in your home that you will be happy to spend time in, somewhere that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Rozen is open Monday to Friday, and on Saturday by appointment. So if you need to create the perfect space, speak to the team so they can help you start designing your masterpiece!


Cherry Tree Workshop, Ruan Minor, Helston TR12 7JR
01326 290100

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