Cornwall Living 2018


We take a glimpse into the life of celebrated landscape artist, Steve Slimm, to discover why his work leaves people captivated.

Energy-packed and beautiful.That’s what has been said about the artworks of Steve Slimm, who has been producing exceptional oil landscapes since 1979, with no sign of slowing up. A deep passion and unique expression of Cornwall’s landscape shines clearly through all his work. Steve, who studied for a short while under the late John Miller, cites the great seascape painter Turner as an inspiration and has been featured in UK art foundation courses for his quality of light. He began his fruitful career of over three decades wandering from door to door, showcasing his work to anyone who was prepared to take a look.
He soon began to make a living and built a growing following, helping him become established in galleries throughout Cornwall and the UK.Steve chooses to explore themes for his paintings around Cornwall and further afield, whether it be the rugged coastline or enchanted moorlands, focusing on the lay of the land with little or no interference from man. Steve has no lack of popularity, finding excitement in new and upcoming exhibitions and galleries to supply. “There is always a sense anticipation, expectancy and even fun – along with timidity with new ventures”, he explains.

Steve’s drive is heightened by personal contact with clients, discussing their personal connection and draw to a particular piece and realisation of common ground. Irene Woodhead from Penryn found that common ground with a piece called ‘Towans’ from the Claremont Gallery. “The beauty has arrived, and we are gazing and gazing!” Irene says. “It really is an excellent painting and we are thrilled and honoured to be able to enjoy it every day”. Steve adds: “I probably get more of a sense of fulfilment seeing my work so well appreciated, than actually painting it in the first place!”

Steve’s extraordinary work can be seen in a number of galleries in Cornwall and elsewhere in the UK. He also runs private exhibitions online for those on his mailing list, and has a special offer for our readers.



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