Cornwall Living 2018


A reputation for exceptional quality

As locations go, this is hard to beat. Your luxury hideaway in every sense of the word, rich in style, design and elegance, Trehawks embodies everything needed to enhance your quality of life.

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Cocoon your family within Cornwall’s unhurried pace; a real escape from the everyday hustle and bustle that life promises us all. Take off and explore the local area, dip into the indoor pool, or simply shut the door and savour your surroundings.

A luxury holiday lodge at Trehawks is a perfect retreat, ideal for spending time with friends and family. A place where kids can stretch their imaginations and the grown ups can relax and unwind. Bring the whole family; bring your friends…or just a good book.

Surrounded by the natural beauty and unhurried pace of the North Cornwall coast, the lodges of Trehawks are ideally situated just a short drive from a fabulous beach and close to the chic village of Rock.