Cornwall LivingIssue #113

A better way

Predn is a surfboard shaping company on a mission: to build a board that offers the perfect balance of performance, sustainability and accessibility.


Having come to terms with how harmful the industry-standard surfboard manufacturing process is for the environment and our own health, Predn (the Cornish word for ‘wood’) aims to challenge every aspect of the process and thus achieve a better, healthier and more sustainable way of shaping. 

Based in a wind-powered workshop on Barnfields Business Park in Wadebridge, Predn employs a team of in-house shapers to hand-craft a number of their tried-and-tested templates, as well as custom shapes, using the most natural and accessible materials available. There are three standard shapes available; the first is the trademark ‘Predn’ construction, featuring a ply-veneered deck and flax-reinforced fin boxes on an expanded polystyrene core. This offers an optimum
blend of surfing performance and sustainable build, with the added bonus of a beautiful wooden aesthetic.

The second is the ‘Table’ construction. This product line looks much more like your traditional white surfboard, with the exception of its double cork stringers and flax-reinforced deck. By opting for a Table board, you’ll get a more durable and sustainably crafted board with a similar look and price tag to a traditional board.

Finally, there’s the ‘RAD’ construction. Short for ‘Research and Development’, as the name implies, this ever-evolving line allows the shapers to experiment with innovative new materials – particularly flax, the natural properties of which never cease to amaze – in their constant quest to offer surfers greater performance, sustainability and accessibility. 

All three board lines are available to try and buy – in different shapes and sizes – from the brand-new Predn Surf Co shop next door to the workshop. You’ll also find a mindful selection of accessories, including natural rubber wetsuits, fins made from recycled ghost fishing gear, cork tail-pads, eco-wax, wooden balance boards, organic cotton T-shirts and more. In short, Predn is a must-visit for surfers and those living the surf lifestyle who wish to champion a more sustainable future for this growing sporting industry.


Predn Surf Co