Cornwall LivingAutumn 2018

A Cornish romance

Wedding rings by design since 1890 with award-winning jewellers, Wearnes.

Inventor of Cornish Tin & Gold, Wearnes have been designing jewellery since 1890 making stunning pieces to commemorate all the special moments in life and their wedding collection stands testament to this. We hear from Jewellery Designer Sarah Corbridge who tells us:

“Your wedding rings say a lot about you as a couple and they need to last a lifetime.”

Wearnes Cornish Tin & Gold collection is an exclusive fusion incorporating historic tin mined in Cornwall and salvaged from a shipwreck, which lay on the seabed for more than 140 years. Invented by Sarah, a fourth generation Wearne’s family member and Cornish jewellery designer, while its purity is the same as any 9 and 18ct gold, its value is unique, as every wedding ring contains a little piece of Cornwall, rescued from the ocean’s arms. Therefore, if Cornwall holds a special place in your heart, then these rings are a beautiful way to commemorate that, as the continuous bands of gold symbolize everlasting love, as well as a love of Cornwall. Drawing inspiration from the Cornish coastlines and magnificent countryside, Sarah’s luxury and bespoke rings are an iconic Cornish invention designed in the Wearnes workshop in Falmouth.

The bands are available in white or yellow gold and you can choose from plain, diamond set or engraved with Celtic patterns. You can also have your names and/or the date of your special day engraved on the inside of the band. As well as containing salvaged tin from the mines of Cornwall, Sarah stamps each ring with a tiny map of Cornwall too, making it the perfect wedding band for a Cornish couple, or even a couple getting married in Cornwall. If you like the sound of these stunning rings but have something particular in mind, Wearnes also offer commissioned pieces, working with you to create the ring of your dreams, because after all, you only get married once so you may as well do it exactly how you want to.

Wearnes also design stunning necklaces, bracelets and earrings as part of the Cornish Tin & Gold collection, so you can continue to add to your Cornish collection for years to come!

"Your wedding rings say a lot about you as a couple and they need to last a lifetime."