Wearnes Jewellers

The home of Cornish Tin and Gold

Wearnes are a proud, independent, family-run, Cornish jewellers going back four generations, since 1890! Sarah Corbridge, great granddaughter of founder William Wearne, has brought a modern influence to an establishment with unmatchable experience and professionalism, bringing Wearnes to the forefront of retail jewellery.

Specially designed bespoke commissions and remodelling of family heirlooms have become Wearnes speciality, as tokens of love leave romantically from Cornwall for all over the world. Inventors of the unique Cornish Tin & Gold as well as Cornish Tin & Silver, containing genuine shipwrecked Tin.

Wearnes Jewellers - Home of Cornish Tin & Gold

15-17 Meneage Street, Helston, TR13 8AA

01326 572154 (Helston)

01326 317222 (Falmouth)