Cornwall LivingIssue #118

A gut feeling

We discover how Cornish based digestive health brand, Trivas, can help restore balance to your digestive health.

When you come to think of Cornwall, there are a number of things that likely spring to mind – pasties, rugged coastlines, aggressive seabirds – but innovative digestive health brands are not, traditionally, one of them. Enter Trivas – an exciting new start-up based in Hayle, currently creating luxury food-based supplements to combat digestive health disorders.

The company name has Swedish origins, meaning ‘to thrive’, and with two rigorously tested and incredibly popular products designed to boost digestive health and promote wellbeing, it couldn’t be more apt. Trivas’ flagship product, Probiotic Superfoods, is a daily wellness shake with organic fruits and vegetables, Nootropics, key vitamins and minerals, plus billions of gut-friendly bacteria. It has been specially formulated to help those suffering from conditions such as IBS, bloating and acid reflux. 

Catching up with company founder, Thomas Hanson, we learn that the inspiration for Trivas was born from personal experience: “I’ve had digestive health issues for most of my adult life. Over the years, I’ve been prescribed a huge range of drugs, some of which have helped in the short-term, but none of which had addressed the root cause of the problem. It was only when I started to research digestive health from a holistic view point – considering the effects of diet and lifestyle – that things really started to change.”

Digestive health is certainly a hot topic at the moment. In a recent report by consumer analysts Mintel, it was revealed that a staggering 86% of British adults reported experiencing gastrointestinal issues in the past year. It’s a worrying statistic, but it’s one that Tom is confident can be reversed, if people were given more information about the true cause of these conditions.

“Doctors are quick to prescribe medication for digestive issues,” says Tom. “But in my experience, making key dietary and lifestyle changes, whilst incorporating some targeted supplements like probiotics, can dramatically improve and even cure these conditions without the need for medication.

“We’re the first luxury wellness brand to make digestive health our number one priority,” continues Tom. “There are plenty of superfood powders out there, but none that have been specifically created for sufferers of digestive disorders. Everything we do from the ground up, is designed to improve digestive health and ultimately, boost performance.”