The digestive system is a fascinating but often overlooked component of the human body. Responsible for a myriad of critical functions from the breakdown of food to the regulation of the immune system, its effect on our overall health and wellbeing cannot be overstated.

And yet for many of us in the Western world, our digestive systems are faltering. Thanks to poor diets and hectic lifestyles, a growing number of us are suffering from a range of digestive complaints including acid reflux, IBS, and chronic indigestion.

Doctors seek to treat these conditions largely by suppressing symptoms, readily prescribing powerful drugs or over-the-counter medications. The problem with this approach is that the underlying conditions remain untreated, and far from improving digestion, the medications make things worse; creating a vicious cycle of poor health and drug dependency that often persists for life.

Trivas was born from a frustration at this cycle. They believe that through smart dietary choices and targeted supplementation, it is possible to restore the proper functioning of the gut and claim back your digestive health. Their aim is to provide world-class, food-based supplements, to share knowledge and research, and create a community of like-minded individuals living active, successful lives without the burden of digestive discomfort.


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