Cornwall LivingIssue #77

A true Cornish Gem

Jason Foreman, co-founder of KinetIQue tells us about his inspiring Cornish business that combines beauty with an ethical stance.

Nothing beats a proper Cornish success story, and we’ve found a real gem for you! KinetIQue is a forward thinking, award-winning jewellery company with strong ethical credentials, specialising in bespoke designs and off-the-shelf engagement, wedding and anniversary pieces, all set with the IQ Diamond.

“Jewellery is given from the heart, so why give a diamond that has caused harm to people or the environment?”

As co-founder Jason Foreman tells us, the company is driven by creating beautiful jewellery that’s free from environmental damage or humanitarian issues. As we all become more aware of the questions surrounding the sourcing of natural diamonds, it’s heartwarming to find a business that’s doing it right – and doing it right here in the Duchy!

“After searching for diamond jewellery,” says Jason, “we noticed that prices were high, quality was dubious and ethics were non-existent. This was the opposite of what we were looking for. We decided therefore, to start our own jewellery business and spent two years researching industry practices before starting KinetIQue Jewellery.”

Jason utilised his degree in Applied Chemistry and experience to create the first hybrid-diamond using Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) Technology to grow a diamond mantle onto a high-tech ceramic core, producing a stunning and unique gemstone branded as the IQ Diamond.

“Interestingly, the core only exists in its natural form from an exploding star,” Jason tells us. “It’s a world first and the process is extremely hard to replicate. The IQ Diamond surpasses diamond in lustre, sparkle, purity and toughness. But more importantly, it looks incredible without the artificially inflated cost or harm to the environment. Jewellery is given from the heart, so why give a diamond that has caused harm to people or the environment? This is a contradiction!”

Indeed, at only a fraction of the cost of traditional diamonds, IQ Diamonds represent excellent value, without the conscience. The company’s ethical stance and technological innovation have led to a number of awards, including a Cornwall Sustainability Award 2017 and, most recently, an award for ‘Environmental Best Practice’ from the Green Organisation.

So, what is Jason’s favourite product from the range? “Our halo set rings seem to be highly popular at the moment. In particular, Mia looks really lovely because it is also set with IQ Diamond melées on its shoulder.”

We’re keen to discover why Jason headquartered the business in Cornwall, rather than in, say, London or elsewhere. “KinetIQue was always destined to be based here. We love Cornwall, more than anywhere else. In fact, many of our customers come to see us whilst enjoying a weekend break away from the hustle of the bigger cities. We’re opening a showroom in Truro soon, so we’re excited to be establishing proper roots. Also, the IQ Diamond is a unique product that is kind, not mined, so how fitting is it that we operate from a place that was once a mining region?”

As Jason explains, Cornwall also offers the perfect work-life balance: “Cornwall has so much to offer in terms of variety and abundance of new and exciting businesses, why would we want to be anywhere else? There are amazing restaurants and pubs, beautiful scenery and the coast is pretty much all around us… we’re living the dream! Charlestown is such a lovely spot, with amazing places to eat and drink as well as great coastal walks. My favourite beach is Mother Ivey’s Bay near Harlyn Sands, where I spent so much of my formative years, as my parents owned a caravan there.”

So, how does Jason unwind on a day off? “My go-to sport is road biking. I also love the theatre and just recently saw Miss Saigon for the first time, an incredibly moving show. I love gin and tonic – I seem to have discovered the joys of local gin from Cornwall. Two of my favourites are The Wrecking Coast’s Clotted Cream Gin and Tarquin’s Rhubarb and Raspberry… ansum!”

With KinetIQue soon to be rebranded as Ethical Rocks, plus the new showroom and new products including pure cultivated diamonds on the way, we look forward to the next chapter of this exciting Cornish business.