Ethica Diamonds

Ethica Diamonds offers stunning jewellery pieces, featuring the IQ Diamond.

What is the IQ Diamond? The only genuine man-made diamond on the market that tests positive for diamond and that is also tougher. It is a consistent premium quality gemstone with an identical clarity to a IF-VVS1/E-F colour mined diamond with an ideal cut to GIA standards, yet the IQ diamond has the best cut available which only 2% of all mined diamonds posses; the 'Hearts & Arrows' cut. This cut showcases 58 facets instead of 57, making it even more sparkly!

The diamond comes with a certificate of authenticity endorsed by trained gemmologists, certified through a third-party grading authority. Supported by a no quibble lifetime guarantee.

Exclusive to Ethica Diamonds.

Ethica Diamonds

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