Cornwall LivingIssue #124

Proposal perfect

Ethica Diamonds – helping smooth the path to that big day.


Making the journey to that moment of commitment to another individual is wonderful and life affirming, but like so many things worth doing it is one that is better made with the support of others en route. Part of the process of course is making that one-time purchase and symbol of your love for your significant other – the ring! This is where Ethica Diamonds come into their own. Their award-winning customer service team, who are experienced and friendly, will ease away the sometimes daunting responsibility that can tie you in knots before you even get to the service. They will guide you with advice and answer your questions via one-to-one appointments in their showroom or online. A huge range of ring styles are available to choose from, all of which can be mixed and matched from various metal types, carat sizes through to stone sizes.

What sets Ethica Diamonds apart are their ethical credentials. This translates into the provision of stones that don’t carry the baggage often associated with mined diamonds. They offer the ‘Ethica Diamond’ – an independently certified moissanite (with a diamond-like coating, often referred to as a diamond simulant) or 100% carbon lab-grown diamonds. Both come with their respective individual benefits – Ethica Diamonds allow you to get a bigger carat size for your budget whereas lab-diamonds are identical in every way to natural diamonds. If you opt for the latter, you can make your purchase, safe in the knowledge that they are of the highest quality having a very high cut value, clarity and colour.

As well as diamonds, there are other lab-grown gemstones available including rubies and sapphires and for an even more personal touch all rings can be engraved with a design of your choice. So, let’s make new traditions in 2022, and forget the outdated pressure to purchase mined diamonds that damage our planet and the people on it. Ethica Diamonds warmly invite you to join them on their mission to a kinder jewellery industry, and invest in a lab-grown diamond or gem-stone when you’re looking for that special something. The best part is, no one will be able to tell the difference!