Cornwall LivingIssue #74

Ethical & luxurious

The award-winning team at Ethica Diamonds based in Cornwall, creators of the game-changing Ethica Diamond, explain what sets this fantastic new addition to the global jewellery market apart.

Speaking with Ethica Diamonds co-owners Elaine and Emily, a mother and daughter team, it’s clear that they know their stuff and there isn’t a question they can’t answer. We ask what the difference is between a real diamond and an Ethica Diamond.

They explain: “The Ethica Diamond is an exceptional engineered lab grown gemstone that has the toughness, longevity, brilliance and independent grading which exactly matches that of the finest mined diamonds, all without the damage caused by diamond mining. Every stone is consistently VVS1 in clarity, E in colour, and Ideal cut, or hearts and arrows cut in the case of round brilliants, which is the best cut available.”

Impressive, but what about the pricing?

“Mined diamonds are constrained by the diamond industry’s own pricing index and are therefore artificially inflated.  The Ethica Diamond is not constrained in this way and so are independently priced based on the cost of research, development and production. This results in a higher quality product at an accessible fair price to the consumer.”

Is your jewellery just available in the UK?

“It’s actually available all over the world – there’s no limit to where we can deliver, so no matter the occasion, our clients can trust in our premium jewellery, excellent customer service and award-winning reputation to exceed expectations.”

Diamonds often carry a stigma surrounding how they are sourced. How would you describe your ethos?

“We are passionate about providing the best product for the best price. Dedicating the past 10 years into delivering honest, transparent and helpful information to the consumer about the diamond industry practices and educating about this modern-day diamond that will stand the test of time, not cost a fortune and meets their ethical ethos.”

Are they available for bespoke jewellery pieces?

“We now have a beautiful boutique showroom in Truro, where we offer no pressure one to one consultations to discuss and we tailor designs to each of our clients’ individual requirements and taste. Every piece can be custom designed and personalised to create something that’s unique and truly special.”

So there it is! The Ethica Diamond is fast becoming the world’s trending sustainable eco diamond, attracting a discerning global clientele that wants to distance itself from the environmentally unfriendly and often morally difficult market of natural diamonds. And with their excellent customer service record, it’s no wonder Ethica Diamonds has been awarded The Gold Trusted Service Award for 3 years running and the Platinum Trusted Service Award for 2020 by Feefo!

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