Cornwall LivingIssue #74

Ethical & luxurious

The award-winning team at KinetIQue Jewellery based in Cornwall, creators of the game-changing IQ Diamond, explain what sets this fantastic new addition to the global jewellery market apart.

Speaking with KinetIQue Jewellery co-owners Jason and Elaine Foreman, it’s clear that they know their stuff and there isn’t a question they can’t answer. We ask what the difference is between a real diamond and an IQ Diamond.

They explain: “Optically, they are identical, however the IQ Diamond is physically tougher than diamond. What’s more, visually, it compares to a type IIa diamond like the Kohinoor! The IQ Diamond is the first hybrid diamond that tests positive for diamond.”

Impressive, but what about the pricing?

“The IQ Diamond is far more affordable. It’s tougher and brighter, yet KinetIQue Jewellery is not constrained by the diamond pricing index, which means we can deliver a higher quality product, at a fair price.”

Is your jewellery just available in the UK?

“It’s actually available all over the world – there’s no limit to where we can deliver, so no matter the occasion, our clients can trust in our premium jewellery, excellent customer service and award-winning reputation to exceed expectations.”

Diamonds often carry a stigma surrounding how they are sourced. How would you describe your ethos?

“We focus on ethics, ensuring we operate in an environmentally responsible and eco-friendly fashion, using sustainable and fair trade precious metals.
“The IQ Diamond contains pure man-made diamond and the bi-product of this process is simply water. It uses less than 1% of the energy to create it, compared to mining diamonds.”

Are they available for bespoke jewellery pieces?

“All of our pieces have a unique touch and we tailor them to each of our clients’ individual requirements and taste. Their jewellery can be custom designed and personalised to create something that’s unique and truly special.”

So there it is! The IQ Diamond is fast becoming the world’s trending diamond, attracting a discerning global clientele that wants to distance itself from the environmentally unfriendly and often morally difficult market of natural diamonds. And with their excellent customer service record, it’s no wonder KinetIQue has been awarded The Gold Trusted Service Award 2018 by FEEFO!

Ethical, luxurious and eco-friendly, the team at KinetIQue Jewellery are proud to say that their jewellery is truly kind, not mined.