Cornwall LivingIssue #118

Diamonds with a difference

Discover a new age for diamonds with Ethica Diamonds.

Last year saw a real shift in attitudes towards lab-grown diamonds with the likes of Pandora joining the industry, and more and more of us are realising the wider ramifications of traditionally mined diamonds. However, over at Ethica the team have spent the past 12 years producing beautiful, meaningful, earth-friendly jewellery, specialising in those life-changing occasions such as engagements, weddings and anniversaries. 

The wheels of change have been in motion for the world of diamonds, as Elaine Reffell explains: “In this time, we have seen the diamond industry shift from traditionally-mined diamonds, for over 100 years or more, to laboratory-grown diamonds, which are physically and chemically identical and look every bit as beautiful, without the high cost or ethical issues.”

Ethica has gone one step further and have partnered with the only carbon-neutral lab-grown diamond grower in the world, and now offer these diamonds alongside their Ethica Diamond lab-grown gemstones in the majority of their jewellery. Why, you may ask? Because, as Elaine articulates: “Something that is given from the heart, such as an engagement ring, shouldn’t cost the earth, nor should it have caused any environmental or humanitarian harm in its production. There are negligible greenhouse emissions, water or air pollution, no devastated ecosystems, hazardous chemicals, radiation or other environmentally dangerous substances or processes resulting from the creation of Ethica Diamonds or our lab-grown diamonds.

We are very lucky to be based in the beautiful county of Cornwall, surrounded by the sea and breath-taking views, which is why we want to protect our home and planet, and do what we can without compromising on the beauty and durability of luxury jewellery.”

Let’s make new traditions in 2022, and forget the outdated pressure to purchase mined diamonds that damage our planet and the people on it. Ethica Diamonds warmly invite you to join them on their mission to a kinder jewellery industry, and invest in a lab-grown diamond or gem-stone when you’re looking for that special something – and the best part is, no one will be able to tell the difference!