Cornwall LivingAutumn 2018

KinetIQue Jewellery rebrands as Ethica Diamonds

We recently caught up with founder Elaine Reffell, about their lab-grown diamonds and what they offer to the discerning shopper looking for ethical and sustainable jewellery.

The Ethica Diamond truly radiates the same sparkle and brilliance as the most expensive earth-mined diamonds and will last forever. Their mission is to develop a 100% sustainable diamond jewellery brand.

As the business has grown, it’s become apparent that one showroom simply isn’t enough to meet demand, which is why the newly branded company – now called Ethica Diamonds – is set to open a new showroom on Princess Street, Truro.

If you’re shopping for stunning jewellery but, like many, are conscious of the environmentally unfriendly and often morally difficult market of natural diamonds, Ethica Diamonds’ beautiful lab-grown gemstone jewellery may just be the answer, having recently won an award from Green Apple – an organisation that finds and awards the greenest companies around the world.

For more information call 01872 222248 or visit