Cornwall LivingIssue #97

Creating homes, not houses

Looking for the right Cornish company to help bring your construction plans to life? Look no further than Hebask Homes Ltd.

The Cornish word for ‘calm’, ‘serene’, or ‘peaceful, ‘Hebask’ was the clear choice when Ross Elliott and Charlie Wingfield came to name their business. “Our aim is to create homes, not just houses,” Ross explains. “Whether that be the home of a business or a family, we work with designs that cater to the unique needs of the project, person or business.”

from new-builds to renovations and historical restorations”

Charlie and Ross adopt a creative approach towards construction, focusing on tradition and innovation, utilising renewable energy, and bringing sustainable practises very much to the forefront. It isn’t just new builds they can help with, although their modern approach to bringing projects to life ‘from the ground up’ is certainly worth considering, if that’s what you have planned! “We deal with a wide spectrum of construction, residential and commercial projects, from new-builds to renovations and historical restorations,” Charlie elaborates.

Their aim, along with their trusted team of traders, is to create, or bring back to life, unique properties that are sympathetic to their surroundings.

So, how can they help you? As mentioned, the team can manage and execute a wide variety of projects, covering anything from new builds and project consultancy, to heritage building restorations, architectural services and full renovations. It’s their approach to client communication that really shines; often it can be easy to feel ‘out of the loop’. Not so with Hebask. “With a tried and tested management system,” Ross tells us, “our objective is to make the client feel as if they are in touch with the project on a weekly basis, by providing progress reports and up-to-date financial summaries.” This approach keeps you, the client, at the forefront of your project, ensuring the end results reflect what you set out to achieve, whilst enjoying the creative process.

Don’t just take our word for it though; head to the Hebask website and you’ll find a stream of glowing testimonials, praising the team’s “ability to understand my vision completely”, commenting on their “valuable input in terms of the design and building process”, and ultimately, thanking them for having “saved us time and money”. In short, if you’re undertaking a construction project of any size, getting in touch with Hebask comes highly recommended!

Hebask Homes Ltd
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"from new-builds to renovations and historical restorations"