Cornwall LivingIssue #76

Environmentally aware architecture

We meet Ian Armstrong of ARCO2 Architecture, an inspiring Cornish company at the cutting edge of both design and sustainability.

With a by-line: ‘beautiful buildings that don’t cost the earth,’ the ARCO2 Architecture team emphasise that their projects are both cost effective and environmentally aware. Director Ian Armstrong tells us: “ARCO2 don’t just build you a dwelling or office, we create homes with benefits to enhance your lifestyle – literally building homes for future generations.”

beautiful buildings that don’t cost the earth”

This building approach is evident in the creation of ‘Mellalue’, an outstanding coastal property designed and built by ARCO2’s in-house construction company. When creating and building this remarkable property, the ARCO2 team worked closely with their client to achieve their vision to the highest possible standard, whilst also taking into consideration the impact on the surrounding environment and neighbours.

Ian continues: “as a RIBA Chartered Architects Practice we have a unique, innovative and human approach to design which is evident in this stunning house.” The new dwelling replaces a mid-20th Century bungalow, which was of little architectural merit and didn’t make the most of the beautiful site. ARCO2 stepped in and with a brief from the client to construct a low energy, contemporary home that could accommodate a family with teenagers and elderly parents; the team made moves to construct this impressive property. Ian emphasises that: “one of the key design considerations was to retain the sea views for the neighbouring building behind and improve their outlook.” With this in mind, the house was designed with a curved roof to maximise space, minimise impact and enhance the neighbour’s perspective. 

Ian continues: “It’s one of the most sustainable dwellings in terms of building fabric and energy usage in the area, and demonstrates that a strong but simple design concept can be really striking.” So, if you want to create a beautiful home with minimal impact on the environment, then get in touch for your free consultation and make moves to secure yourself a home and help secure the planet for future generations.

"beautiful buildings that don’t cost the earth"