Cornwall LivingIssue #74

From coast to ocean

For all your swimming, cycling and running needs, the Triathlon Store in Hayle has you covered.

Few places are as conducive to exploring the land and sea as Cornwall, with the coast never far away, wherever you are, it’s the perfect place to combine a variety of activities and enjoy being outdoors. Some like to take things further and pursue the thrill of racing in Cornwall’s unique environment. Either way, for those with a passion for swimming, cycling, or running there’s something for everyone at the Triathlon Store, Hayle.

The staff at the Triathlon Store are passionate about all things outdoors”

The store caters for a wide array of disciplines and activities such as ‘Swim-Run’. This particular activity was dreamt up during a late night session in a Swedish bar between friends, from there it’s grown in popularity and is now an admired pursuit around the world. For this event, special Swim-Run short-sleeved wetsuits are used. These are comfortable to wear if walking or running along the coast path for long stretches of time and should you fancy swimming, you have the suit on ready to go whilst offering warmth and buoyancy. An array of suits, hats, boots and accessories are available. For example tow floats, which enable swimmers to pack essentials and safely transport them across the water.

 If you prefer to run or jog along the endless country lanes and trails our county has to offer, without getting your feet wet, Triathlon Store also has a diverse range of shoes available that cater for running on or off road. Each manufacturer offers something different with its shoes. Hoka offers unparalleled levels of cushioning whereas Altra constructs its shoes to match the natural shape of the foot. If you’re unsure what type of shoe to get, it’s possible to try them on in the shop and hop on the in-store treadmill to really put them through their paces.

The staff at the Triathlon Store are passionate about all things outdoors, whether it’s swimming in the sea purely for pleasure or getting stuck into a triathlon, so if you’re looking for a place where you can touch, feel and try on products whilst talking to a passionate member of staff then head on down to the Triathlon Store.



Check out INTOTRI to enter into triathlon events for all ages and abilities throughout Cornwall.

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"The staff at the Triathlon Store are passionate about all things outdoors"