Cornwall LivingIssue #64

In good spirits

Whether it’s a big commercial flooring project or residential revamp, speak to the team at Oltco.

You know you’re doing something right when a respected spiritual leader gives you the job based on feeling alone. Incredible as this may sound, it’s exactly what happened with Oltco when the company landed a major contract to re-do the flooring in a Sikh meditation centre, a huge surface area with a large footfall. For a company that places great importance in feeling, and building strong rapport and relationships with clients, this was a profound moment for the team. Of course, while the power of good will can open many doors, and gut instinct can win big contracts, ultimately you have to be able to back this up with the goods too. Fortunately, this has never been a problem for Oltco, which has long been an industry leader in both the quality of its products and services, offering unrivalled guarantees on its work, constantly innovating to improve upon these.

“We didn’t just choose them because they are local; we chose them because they are the best, and great people to work with.”

Another commercial project to enjoy the Oltco resin treatment is the recently revamped Lewinnick Lodge, perched on the Pentire headland overlooking the iconic Fistral beach in Newquay. This luxury clifftop retreat is a haven of tranquillity serving delicious food backdropped by staggering north coast views over the Atlantic. It’s only fitting that a destination of such beauty should boast the finest quality materials in its construction.

We caught up with Lewinnick Lodge’s Manager, Dan Trotter, to discover more about the refurb. “Restoring Lewinnick Lodge was a huge project and a great opportunity to collaborate with some of our favourite craftspeople and independent companies right here in Cornwall. When it came to commercial flooring specialists, there was only ever one choice – it had to be the team at Oltco. We didn’t just choose them because they are local; we chose them because they are the best, and great people to work with.”

Lewinnick Lodge is just one of the many hotels, bars and cafés that Oltco has helped to transform with its resin flooring, both locally and further afield. The team are happy working on everything from smaller residential projects such as driveways to large-scale commercial undertakings including the iconic Wembley Stadium. Oltco is also respected in the industry for installing safety walkways in factories and warehouses as well as anti-slip flooring in food production areas.

The reasons for choosing resin flooring, whether in the home or workplace, are many. For a start, it is incredibly hardwearing, it’s seamless (and can curve up the floor to the wall), it’s easy to clean, and it’s very functional too. Contrary to what you may believe, resin flooring can also look beautiful in a domestic setting, both inside and out, offering a chic contemporary look.

Oltco can tailor flooring to the specific need, aesthetic and budget, right down to offering colour matching to a specific scheme and incorporating patterns or embedding logos and designs into the flooring. So, whether it’s an interior design masterpiece or a company insignia that you envisage beneath your feet, see how the team can create a bespoke solution just for you.

The other significant benefit of opting for Oltco is that each job comes with a guarantee, from 2 to 20 years, depending on the system. Oltco recently upgraded its guarantee on resin bound drives from 10 years to 20 years – the highest guarantee you’ll find in the market for this, a clear display of confidence in the product, and a company that is here to stay.

So what are you waiting for?

"We didn't just choose them because they are local; we chose them because they are the best, and great people to work with."