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Led by values

It is to a philosophy of shared values that Oltco owes its success and growth to become the UK’s leading resin bound driveway company.

Since being founded in 2004, Oltco has developed and grown from its HQ in Newquay to become a Cornish business success story, renowned for its forward-thinking approach. Whilst the business now offers innovative resin bound solutions to a range of areas across the UK, Directors Johnny Pearce and Tom Stringer are incredibly proud of their connection to the south west, and not just because it’s their home.

“a breath of fresh air in the industry”

Oltco is a values led business, its ethos centred on feeling good about the work it does and the decisions it makes. Here in the south west, those decisions tend to be geared towards sustainability, 100% client satisfaction, and a healthy work-life balance. “For me,” explains Johnny, “life’s all about happiness and spending quality time with my family. This pursuit for happiness is what drives us at Oltco; not just for Tom and myself, but for the whole team.” This translates to Oltco’s business decisions too, and Johnny confirms that “we have to be 100% happy with the choices we make, both for ourselves and for our clients.”

A key point he makes is that Oltco’s values need to be shared by the whole team, in order for them all to reap the rewards. Both Johnny and Tom firmly believe that in order to build a business, you need the right team alongside you; that it is far easier to teach skills than it is to instil values. Perhaps it’s this philosophy to which Oltco owes its success? After all, as well as a Cornish team that’s grown rapidly in recent months, Oltco also has 25 franchises across the UK, all of which share the same
core values.

Always keen to delve deeper into what customers have to say, we’re certainly not disappointed by the testimonials on the Oltco website, and in fact, it doesn’t take long to see the company’s aforementioned values reflected by the long list of stellar reviews. Whilst all comment on the fantastic job done by the Oltco team – which seems to come as standard – others describe the team as “true professionals”, commending the “absolutely fantastic service” and hailing Oltco as a “breath of fresh air in this industry”. A recurrent theme is the degree of professionalism and courtesy displayed on the jobs Oltco undertakes, and this takes us back to Tom and Johnny’s theory that it’s far easier to teach skills than it is values. It’s fair to say that without a team that shares Oltco’s values of customer service, professionalism and attention to detail, how else could Oltco have become the UK’s leading resin bound specialist?

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"a breath of fresh air in the industry"