Cornwall LivingIssue #62

Let there be lightroom

Take a photo-editing workshop with Carla Regler and get more out of life through a lens.

It may sound like a cliché, but the best camera in the world is the one you have with you, whether it’s the phone in your pocket or an SLR with all the lenses and tripods that your luggage can carry; but whatever camera you use, it’s important to get the most out of your images by using the correct management and editing software.

“… admired throughout the county for her exceptional ability to capture the region’s landscapes…”

Cornish photographer, Carla Regler, who’s admired throughout the county for her exceptional ability to capture the region’s landscapes, understands the importance of editing and organising your photography. With this in mind, as well as offering expert tuition on how to get the most out of your hardware, Carla is now offering you the chance to take beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for using Lightroom – arguably the industry’s leading editing and management software, so you can really hone your craft.

Just think of the possibilities: anybody can take a picture – most of us have smartphones nowadays – but so few actually take the time to polish the fruits of our labour. With the right skills, your images could really stand out from the everyday feed of seascapes and sunsets, and it won’t be long before your friends stop believing that you actually took them! To inspire her classes, Carla takes her workshops in Porthleven, one of Cornwall’s most photogenic fishing villages, offering plenty of coffee, cakes, a memory stick with a manual ready for the course, as well as a light lunch (for those not full on cake!).

Carla really is an authority when it comes to capturing Cornwall on camera. In fact, she’s travelled the world, pursuing her passion for snapshotting some of the globe’s most fascinating regions, from hazy stretches of savannah to the snow-bound reaches of Iceland and anywhere in between.

So, whatever it is that you’d like to learn more about; whether you’re struggling to find the perfect light and angle, or in need of pointers when it comes to editing and filing your images in a way that even a professional would be proud of, one of her workshops is definitely for you.

"... admired throughout the county for her exceptional ability to capture the region’s landscapes..."