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Positive outcomes

Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital aims to get you back to your best as quickly as possible.

If something is not quite right or affecting your quality of life, early appointments and rapid test results help nip problems in the bud and allow you to spend as little time as possible waiting. This is where Nuffield Health, with its designated team on hand to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process, come into their own. You can either self-refer or request a GP referral to the hospital – depending upon the consultant you’d like to see. The hospital has no waiting lists, so you can be booked in for an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and have any relevant tests, diagnostics or treatment sooner than you think.

Following your initial consultation, if any treatment is required the hospital team and consultants’ secretary will work with you to arrange this. You can expect your experience to be tailored to your individual needs, whether it’s for a simple blood test or surgery. If it’s the latter you will have a private en-suite room with complimentary WiFi and a flat-screen TV for the duration of your stay. The hospital has on-site chefs who create delicious, nutritious meals that will make your stay even more comfortable. They pride themselves on achieving the very highest clinical standards within their clean spaces. Your personal care team is led by their matron and the same nursing staff will look after you throughout your stay.

Funding for your treatment is available via three flexible ways. Private insurance, pay-for-yourself or an interest free loan from Chrysalis Finance who can offer you a way to pay back the cost of your medical treatment at Nuffield Health over six or ten interest-free monthly instalments, at representative 0% APR.

As the largest healthcare charity in the UK, all of Nuffield Health’s income is invested back into the charity, not paid to shareholders. This helps to keep them at the forefront of medical care, providing proven technologies with the aim of giving you the best possible outcome and a shorter recovery time. Their advanced technology includes modern diagnostic equipment and advanced surgical equipment to assist minimally invasive surgery.


Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital