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Small is beautiful

Forever Cornwall takes a very personal approach to holiday cottage letting.

Cornwall has once again been named ‘Best UK Holiday County’ at the British Travel Awards, a well-deserved reputation that’s led to more holiday cottages and therefore more letting agencies than ever. A quick search online will display a myriad of big agency brands, as well as Airbnb and other ‘DIY’ letting options. There are old familiar names as well as big national ‘corporates’, with recent years seeing a feeding-frenzy of behemoth mega-agencies buying up regional ones. As an owner, this can put you in quite a quandary – how do you choose the right agency? We discuss why a smaller agency might be the best choice for you and your holiday property.

how do you choose the right agency?”

Firstly, smaller means more personal. This is far more than a ‘nice to have’ – it makes sound business sense. Customers, quite rightly, expect to be treated as individuals. And this is particularly true at the high end of the market, where guests value talking to customer service staff who genuinely know cottages and locations, and who will also remember them from previous visits. This leads to stronger customer satisfaction, better brand loyalty and more repeat bookings. Personal is better for owners too – no one wants to be ‘a number’, and a smaller agency can usually be more flexible in meeting owners’ needs too. A small agency will never forget that you and your property matter.

A second good reason is to help your property stand out. Think of a supermarket – great for the shopper who wants a bargain, but less so for a unique or niche product that will struggle to stand out in a crowd. A small agency is more like a boutique shop; individual properties can each have a place in the shop window, and customers expect to pay a little more.

Last but not least, smaller local agencies give more back to Cornish communities, because with no corporate shareholders, more income is re-spent locally, in exactly the same way as buying local foodie produce. We know that the vast majority of holiday home owners care passionately about the communities they are part of, with a growing number of them seeking an ethical approach to letting that really does give something back.

So, if you are investing in a holiday property, or already have one but are reconsidering your options, consider thinking smaller – it may just be smarter.


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"how do you choose the right agency?"