Cornwall LivingIssue #80

Stylish and contemporary

We discover the beautiful designs and stunning collections at Victoria Sewart Contemporary Jewellery Gallery.

Located in the acclaimed Barbican area of Plymouth, you’ll find the Victoria Sewart Contemporary Jewellery Gallery, nestled amongst the mixture of antique shops, florists and eateries set just off the waterfront.

Victoria tells us: “I’m extremely passionate about supporting new designers, and often feature collections from recent graduates.”

As you can imagine, this means the gallery always contains new and exciting work, supporting local and national British jewellery designers; whether it’s made right here in Cornwall or further afield, there’s certainly something for all tastes.

Here at Cornwall Living we have our eyes on the 2018 Winter Collection; perfect for Christmas, it incorporates impressive designs from numerous artists and we particularly love the use of different textures and shapes. For example the stunning work by artist Shimara Carlow who creates bold and beautiful designs, which are inspired by elements of nature like acorn cups and birds nests. Then there’s Lucy Spink who handcrafts each item of jewellery in her small workshop here in the Duchy, drawing on different textures seen in nature and what’s created during the jewellery making process, giving the owner an understanding of how each piece has been formed and ensuring that every item has its own identity and organic form. One customer has said of the gallery: “It’s always a joy to see the wonderful variety of jewellery on display. The multitude of styles and materials seems to make every piece stand out in some way.”

As well as displaying a wonderful selection of contemporary jewellery, the gallery is also able to accommodate engagement and bridal jewellery with a large range in stock and the facility to have most rings made in any size, not to mention the fact that you can book onto one of the jewellery workshop courses to make your own wedding rings – a truly memorable experience.

As for what’s to come in the New Year, make sure to look out for an exciting and heart-warming collaboration drawing on the ever-current issue of plastic pollution, which perhaps is even more evident to those of us who live by the coast. In the meantime, be sure to head to the gallery and discover the beautiful collections on offer.


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Other Cornish artists include Mirri Damer, Tracey Falvey, Cindy Ashbridge, Hannah Louise Lamb, Hannah Davies, Sara Fell and Monique Jeffrey-Jones.

“I’m extremely passionate about supporting new designers, and often feature collections from recent graduates.”