Cornwall LivingIssue #123

The kiss of life

A company founded on unparalleled industry experience, Lantic Developments delivers outstanding service and results throughout the entire process.

Based in Cornwall and founded by Giles Asker, a former senior executive within the housebuilding industry, Lantic Developments aims to help breathe life into your new home. It does so, by providing a complete array of services to help you undertake your property development, managing the entire process from either pre- or post-planning approval, all the way through to you moving into your new dream abode.

Informed, honest, accurate and consistent with advice at every stage, from inception to completion, Lantic Developments is built on the understanding that a client-centric approach is the only way to achieve success. They are advocates of the client throughout the entire process, and unrivalled in their levels of multi-disciplinary industry experience.

Giles has a deeply held belief that the primary objective of the development process should be complete customer satisfaction, both in terms of the journey and the finished product. Indeed, just like a home, a good client relationship must be built on strong foundations, and Giles believes that this can only be achieved through open and honest communication; that only by adopting this policy will the journey be a success. 

It is on the basis of these beliefs that, in a previous industry role as Managing Director, Giles’ region achieved an average Net Promoter Score of 91%! Results such as this are only achieved through the implementation of both leadership and teamwork, and it is this passion and determination that lie at the beating heart of Lantic Developments. Their values of trust, honesty, passion and confidentiality, alongside the expertise gained from years in the industry, are what make building your dream home a reality.


Lantic Developments