Cornwall LivingIssue #116

Time to reflect

It’s been a tumultuous year for many of us, not least for the Directors of the UKís leading sustainable resin driveway company, Oltco.

As 2021 draws to a close, Tom Stringer and Johnny Pearce, Directors of Oltco, look set to end the year with 15 new franchises, taking the UK total to 41! That’s an impressive achievement within a mere 12 months, and excellent news for homeowners up and down the UK looking for resin bound solutions from a company that places sustainability and a brighter environmental future at the top of its list of priorities.

With Oltco’s base in Cornwall, Tom and Johnny also took the decision to move to a brand new headquarters in Newquay, aptly named ‘The Feel Good Building’. The decision was taken, in part, to facilitate the brand’s continued growth and its aim to create more jobs in the local area. The building provides a collaborative space for hot-desking, as well as small business premises for other like-minded Cornish companies, proof of Oltco’s determination to develop opportunities in Cornwall, for Cornwall. In fact, it was only a few months ago that we heard from Kris – Oltco Cornwall’s new Sales Support Manager and one of a list of new recruits – whose multi-faceted skill base saw him offer Cornwall Living readers his top garden tips in time for the summer season. The site crew has grown too, as has the accounts team, with the addition of two new Franchise Account Managers, Jenni Cullis and Rosie Dowen. 

You’d have thought that all of the above would be enough to keep the team busy, but it hasn’t prevented Tom, Johnny and the crew here in Cornwall from continuing to innovate. In fact, after the successful 2019 launch of Recycle Bound – a world first, sustainable resin bound driveway solution that’s made utilising waste plastic currently in circulation – Oltco once again broke new ground this year with the release of yet another new product. It’s called Recycle Base, and provides a ground reinforcement system that’s made using stone and low-grade waste plastic, including ocean plastic supplied by Odyssey Innovation, through its Marine Regeneration Scheme. Having found that the size of the average resin bound installation is 70m2, by using Recycle Base, this would utilise the equivalent of a tonne of waste ocean plastic, or approximately 175 million plastic straws! This waste plastic would otherwise be incinerated, which means that by using this product, Oltco clients will actually be carbon offsetting, planting the equivalent of six trees. “Recycle Base works perfectly with both our resin bound and Recycle Bound solutions,” explains Johnny, “and I’m really proud that we can now also offer our customers a sustainable base solution.”

It’s fair to say then that 2021 has been a tour-de-force for Oltco. As the brand continues to deliver a growing portfolio of sustainable, resin bound products to more UK clients than ever before, whilst at the same time growing opportunities here in Cornwall for locals to join a brand whose reach is expanding by the day, it seems there’s no end to what it can achieve. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the Oltco story unfolds over the course of another year!


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