Cornwall Living 2018

Wendron Stoves

Cornwall Living investigates a more sustainable way to cook & heat your home at the same time by researching the Rayburn Range cookers on offer at Wendron Stoves.

I used to have to stoke up my old solid fuel Rayburn in my first house many years ago & hadn’t realized until recently that time has moved on & that different options are now available for a more affordable & sustainable way to cook & heat your home.

The range cooker I preferred came in two different types, but both fuelled by wood sourced from well-managed forests or coppicing, the result being a purely economical choice.

The Rayburn Cookmaster model offers a high-heat cooking mode that brings out the best when boiling, roasting or baking.  It is an authentic range cooker that uses indirect heat technology, a type of ‘kind to food’ as it seals in the natural juices & flavours to create healthier & more delicious dishes.

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The Rayburn Heatranger offers all the benefits of a Cookmaster plus it delivers hot water and/or central heating along with the same great cooking performance.

Thermostatically controlled to automatically maintain a constant temperature, the Heatranger saves on space by combining cooking & heating in one compact unit.

Both are truly objects of desire, manufactured from cast iron & enameled in an attractive choice of colours, either of these stoves will transform your kitchen into a warm and welcoming space.

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